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Activity Comparison of Popular Social Network Sites [infographic]

Infographic “User Activity Comparison Of Popular Social Networking Sites” compares the latest user stastics of popular social networking sites - Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

User Activity Comparison Of Popular Social Networking Sites

Number of Users on Popular Social Networking Sites

Social Networking Sites Number of Users (in millions) - Facebook 901, Twitter 555, Google+ 170, Linkedin 150, Pinterest 11.7

Unique Monthly Visits on Top Social Networking Websites

Social Networking Sites Unique Monthly Visitors (in millions) - Facebook 7012.9, Twitter 182.1, Google+ 61.0, Linkedin 85.7, Pinterest 104.4

Male-Female Ratio

Social Networking Sites Male Female - Facebook 40% 60%, Twitter 43% 57%, Google+ 63% 37%, Linkedin 55% 45%, Pinterest 31.8%, 68.2%

Time Spend by Average Social networking user per month

Social Networking Site Time Spend per month (in Minutes) - Facebook 405, Twitter 21, Google+ 3, Linkedin 17, Pinterest 89

Estimated User Worth of popular Social networking sites

Social Networking Sites Per User worth - Facebook $118, Twitter $71.43, Linkedin $71, Pinterest $28.09

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